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Communiqué of  14/07/2016

Yesterday afternoon, a terrible accident of the road mourned our village. The four firefighters involved were all from the village and their families are elected members of the municipal council. This morning during the traditional procession of July 14, a tribute was paid to them by their comrades from Pézilla, neighboring bodies, the elected officials and the population. Each year for July 14, we celebrate France, its democracy, the republic and all those in history have allowed its emergence and ensured its defense. This is an opportunity to honor our armed forces, gendarmerie and police forces and civil security. These men and women who, at home and around the world, ensure our safety and protect us. Without defense, without security, it is the rule of law that is challenged and therefore the very foundations of the Republic. Professional or volunteer firefighters are with us every day. They bring us their help, their support in the hard knocks and save quantities of life. They often put theirs at risk to ensure our safety. They carry the values ​​that are the honor of our country by committing to this "fraternity" inscribed on the fronton of our town halls. Today, they have lost one of their own and three of their comrades are being hit hard. We want to tell them here that our solidarity is flawless at their side as it is with the families who are our friends.

In Guillem, Mathieu and Arnaud, we wish to return as soon as possible to theirs, among us! Bruno has definitely left us ... Too early, much too soon. He was a man of duty, a good man who will remain permanently in our hearts. Our eyes are red, our hearts are heavy ... Our village is in mourning.