General Organization / Tariff

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Single price of the meal : 4,20 €

It is very important, for a better organization and in the interest of the children, that the meals are reserved at the latest on Monday for the following week at the secretariat of the town hall. Otherwise, meals can not be ordered within the timeframe set by the SIST Perpignan Méditerranée (Syndicat Intercommunal Scolaire et de Transport). The Monday before school break week, meals will be bought for the week of the return.

Leave requests between 12:00 and 14:00, changes or registrations in the absence of a reservation, must be made in writing and not verbally and delivered to the canteen.

Fact sheets are given by the town hall at the beginning of September, it is very important to complete them and especially to report during the year any change of address or telephone, or people to contact in case of emergency.

Major health problem or accident that may occur to a child: In the absence of specific information on the aforementioned file and unable to reach the parents or responsible persons of the child, the mayor may have to proceed to the hospitalization of the child, at the request of a doctor.

Your child is away:
You must justify your absence the same day no later than 9am.

  • by word of absence
  • by a medical certificate

With Madame COUBRY Sophie, manager and manager of the canteen. Meals will only be refunded to the extent that they have been canceled. The meal of the day of the report can not be canceled.
Meals already delivered or undergoing treatment can not be refunded in any case, hence the interest of quickly reporting a long absence of a child regularly registered in the canteen.

Your child is sick and needs treatment:
If your child can attend school after an illness and be registered in the canteen while having an additional treatment to finish for his complete recovery :
It appears possible, in the interests of the children, to ask the person in charge of the canteen to take part in the administration of the drugs, subject to the delivery of the following documents :
1) express request from the person with parental authority certified copy or duplicate of the prescription of the doctor prescribing the drug and its dosage.
2) delivery of medicines in their original packaging.

Of course, we must avoid drugs such as:
- suppositories, creams, drops for the nose, ears ... that can be administered by the family, at home in another time slot.

* The rules governing the school restaurant are posted near the portal (pharmacy side). It is also available in Town Hall.