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Tuesday: 9h30-12h and 15h-17h
Wednesday: 9h30-12h and 15h-19h
Thursday: 9h30-12h
Friday: 9h30-12h and 15h-17h
Saturday: 9.30am-12pm


Ramon Llull was born in 1232 in Majorca where he died in 1315. A writer and universal philosopher, he is one of the great thinkers of the Middle Ages and an indefatigable traveler. He is considered one of the inventors of literary Catalan. His books have a strong voice that resonates in the modern world. The author poses the problem of difference by affirming the importance of dialogue and tolerance for the society of men. The media library that bears his name was inaugurated on July 4, 2015.

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Local books

2 works dedicated to Pezilla de la Rivière

  • The missing of the Great War by Renaud Martinez
  • Pézilla la Rivière - History Notes by Eugène Cordade

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