Geography of the territory

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The territory of Pézilla la Rivière stretches over 1,561 hectares between the Tet riverbed and the ancient Quaternary terraces towards Força Réal, the Dona pass.

The contrasts between the irrigated land (regadius) and the dry land (aspres) are violent, this duality offers a series of varied and complementary landscapes, conducive to a multiform agricultural enhancement.

The bed of Tet is bordered by a forest of shore (riverine) very dense on the territory which allows to absorb the overflows in case of flood.

Beyond this forest and to the first terraces, the alluvial plain is fertilized by a network of irrigation canals, built throughout the Middle Ages.

The maintenance and conservation of this hydraulic network, which is also used for rainwater drainage, is a major challenge for the future of the village.

In the 9th century, the village settled on a small nipple in the plain: it is the current Cellera.