Sant Blasi

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Festa Major winter, Pézillanais celebrate Saint-Blaise the first week of February.

Who was Saint-Blaise?

Venerated in many municipalities in Catalonia, Italy, France, Germany, Blaise de Sebaste was bishop of Armenia martyred in 316 on the order of the Roman government of Cappadocia, Agricola.

According to tradition, Saint-Blaise intercedes in the case of diseases of the throat. Indeed arrested during a period of persecution of the first Christians by the Romans and while put in prison, a mother put at his feet his only son who was dying by choking a ridge that he had swallowed and the child was immediately healed. Blaise refusing to give up his faith, the governor had his flesh ripped off with iron combs and had him beheaded!

In Pézilla, on February 3, during a ceremony, sweets and sugars were blessed to which the popular festival grants therapeutic virtues in case of sore throats. The tradition continues today.

A reliquary bust of the eighteenth century stained glass reflects the cult of this saint since the Middle Ages. The statues are in the large chapel of the transept of the church of Saintes-Hosties, Chapel of the Holy Healers with San Sebastián (also celebrated in Pézilla as part of a mutual aid society) and Roch.

Program 2017

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